Personal Data Protection Act

By providing your Personal Information to ElectricGuru, you hereby consent to ElectricGuru sharing this information to other affiliates of ElectricGuru for purposes of updating and enhancing their respective records and for ElectricGuru and its affiliates to:


(a) collect, retain, use and disclose your Personal Information;

(b) contact you by telephone, facsimile and / or e-mail; and

(c) advise you of products and services which may be of interest to you.


Such Personal Information will also be needed and used by ElectricGuru to better the services of ElectricGuru and its business partners, for tracking and verifying compliance with ElectricGuru policies, for meeting laws and / or for fulfilling editorial and feedback solicitation purposes. ElectricGuru may also share aggregate information about you with advertisers, business partners, sponsors and other third parties.


This Personal Information is used to customise ElectricGuru’s content and advertising to deliver a better experience to you. The use of your Personal Information for these purposes will be kept to the minimum required. Where necessary, ElectricGuru and its affiliates may also use the information to resolve any disputes that may arise. ElectricGuru employees, affiliated companies or entities acting on behalf of ElectricGuru with whom we share your Personal Information will be bound by this statement.